Friday, 11 November 2016

Tips for Great and Convenient Gift Wrapping

Talking about gift wrapping tips now days, especially when this issue is taken care of by wrapping paper manufacturers, looks a bit odd. But nothing can beat the value of a gift wrapped in conventional and old fashioned way. This wrapping shows the recipient the way you value him/her. Nevertheless, it may not sound fun for many people who do not take much interest in putting efforts for wrapping the gift (but feel an obligation to present a gift in better way to their loved ones). Thus, illustrating a few ideas to make the wrapping process easier and effective should be encouraging for such people.

Below here, I am going to mention a few DIY ideas for easy gift wrapping in special way.

Don’t use the bag

Since we talking about wrapping only, using gift bag is the not the option that we should take into consideration. Although gift bags look great because of different eye catching designs, presenting a gift box wrapped in a well-designed paper and tied with a real ribbon is something even more special. Furthermore, there isn’t required a huge expenditure for wrapping a gift. You will just need to put some effort in applying your creativity and that will surely be of utmost value.

Don’t throw the boxes away

One of the major reasons that people don’t like to wrap the gifts is that most of the boxes we get cannot endure the wrapping process. The best solution of this issue is to keep the sturdy boxes and other packaging supplies that we often get from shipping companies. Those rectangular boxes are sturdy enough and are the best candidates to be used for packing a gift. The best way you can keep those boxes safe in your home is to use them. You can keep small items in those boxes until you need a gift box.

Try unconventional approach

Using holiday gift wrap for preparing holiday gifts is too much predictable; thus it doesn’t bring prominence to the gift. However, if you use non-holiday gift wrap for wrapping a holiday gift, it would certainly make your gift more special. Here, you can use the ribbon that is used for the holiday gift wrapping. For instance, a holiday gift wrapped in a white paper and then further decorated by red ribbon tied around it is surely something that will make your gift recognizable among the bulk of other gifts around it.

Purchase the ribbons

Wrapping paper with simple or no design opens many options to decorate the gift. The best way to complete the gift decoration is to make bows using ribbons. Since the wrapping is simple, you can use ribbons of different designs and colors. Furthermore, buying a ribbon of top quality isn’t going to make overall gift wrapping expensive because all other packaging supplies used are either cheap or free.